Sunday, July 4, 2010


Remember that cool picture of Dogon Country from my last post? Well unfortunately, we have to cancel. Unfortunate for vacation plans, yes, worst thing to ever happen to me personally, no.

What this means for me? Well we are not exactly sure. Chris, my parents (who arrive the 11th), and I are discussing an alternative back up plan to the now cancelled Dogon trip. Sorry dad, that $120 visa to Mali I told you not to get may end up going void. Options on the table: Ruins of Lorepini in Gaoua and Nazinga Elephant Park in Pô, Bamako in Mali (you may have a shot yet dad), Giraffes in Niger, or an extremely fast trip through Ghana. I am trying the best I can to work within this new situation, but it sucks having to cancel a trip to a place some Volunteers have said as the only must-see attraction in this part of Africa (Even Ghana has not earned that title).

Well we will see, and I am confident that no matter what we do we will have fun. Chris and I, along with 3 other PCV friends potentially, are heading to Bobo in the Southwest next week to hike the domes, play in water falls, and see the Sindou Peaks hopefully for the first time. Of course this is assuming that the standfast order is lifted by weekend's end...

Onto to other sorts of business. Below you will see some photos of the fun activities that I have been participating in/running. You can click on my Picasa link to see more, or simply watch the ever-growing slideshow. Photos come from the boys club, Les Hommes de Force, as promised and the tree planting in Ouaga to benefit a neighborhood destroyed by flooding last September. While we had the honor of helping with the event, the real credit goes to Catholic Relief Services and the Peace Corps Response Volunteer serving with them.

PCV Kirstin discussing HIV/AIDS and proper condom usage with my boys group.

Communication drill. One player is blindfolded while four others tell him exactly where to kick the soccer ball. Idea is to promote communication on the soccer pitch. Communication was an important lesson with this group, on and off the field.

Passing drills

PCV Audrey and I, one awesome tree planting force.

Audrey making sure that tree is good and buried in the ground.

The participating PCVs, all gathered under a tent for a ceremony with the Mayor of Ouagadougou.

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